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Pre-Cons & Post-Cons

Maximize Your XYPN LIVE Experience

Sign up for a Pre or Post-Con of your choosing to take full advantage of the conference experience! Whether you arrive early and join Kinder for their 2-day pre-con on Sunday, October 13 - Monday, October 14, attend a half day pre-con on Tuesday, October 15, or stay late for Kinder's post-con on Friday, October 18, you have options. Check out everything add on events have to offer below! 

Registration and payment for these events are handled directly through their organizers. All events are in addition to the main conference and are priced separately. Click on each event to learn more about what they have to offer. These programs will not be recorded or available on demand. 


Advanced Education Planning Workshop
$0-$895 for XYPN members
Join Ross Riskin, Joe Messinger, and Alex Bottom for the Advanced Education Workshop designed to equip advisors working with clients from all generations with advanced knowledge and practical skills in education funding, financial aid planning, and student loan advising. Attendees may be eligible to receive up to 3-18 CFP CE Credits.
Tuesday, October 15
Financial Vitals: Accelerating The Pace of Financial Advice
Free to Attend
Join Reese Harper, CFP®, Abby Morton, CFP®, Jordan Haines, CFP®, and Jeff Morgan in this session designed for advisors seeking to save time, enhance relationships, and differentiate themselves. Gain insights into streamlining your practice and improving client outcomes.
Tuesday, October 15
Kinder Institute
The Seven Stages of Money Maturity® Training
$1,255 to register
Join Mary Zimmerman and Scott Frank for this two-day course that dives into peoples’ actual decision-drivers and unexamined biases toward money and teaches you to help them uncover their unexamined financial habits and give them a deeper understanding of what drives their relationship with money.
Day 1: Sunday, October 13
Day 2: Monday, October 14
Limitless Advisor
How to Run (& Grow) Your Practice Like a Business
$199 to Register
Join Stephanie Bogan and XYPN advisor Adam Cmejla, CFP® for a goal-crushing session teaching you how to run your practice like a business and create a growth engine that delivers a steady pipeline of new clients to create new levels of success.
Tuesday, October 15
Grow Your Business with Short-Form Video
$175 to Register
Join Nate Hoskin & Nick Meyer, two of the most successful CFP® Professionals on social media to learn how to grow your business by creating short-form video content that's so valuable you'll have prospective clients banging down your door to get a chance to work with you.
Tuesday, October 15
SalesPro Insider
Collaborative Conversations That Convert
$349 to Register
Join Nancy Bleeke Noël in this course focused on the key strategies for building collaborative sales skills. You'll walk away with practical & actionable how-tos for leading productive, sales conversations that convert. Take away the best practices, proven strategies, and easy-to-use selling tools successfully adopted by thousands of advisors who strive to build their firms with genuine, ethical, and helpful processes.
Tuesday, October 15


Kinder Institute is hosting a 1-day Post-Con on Friday, October 18.

Life Planning Mastery
$445 to register
Exclusively for Registered Life Planner® designees and EVOKE® Training grads -- Join Scott Frank for a one-day seminar as he helps you feel more connected to the Life Planning community dedicated to building client-centered practices. This program highlights the latest teaching principles, lets you practice your life planning skills with colleagues, gives you opportunities for feedback from peers and trainers, and will reinvigorate your life planning practice (and life plan!).
Friday, October 18

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