Our Pledge

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion in Practice

XYPN has always set internal standards while building out the XYPN LIVE conference schedule—this year is no different. We are continuing to uphold our standards. 

Keynote Speakers:
  • At least 1/3 of keynote presenters will be non-white
  • At least 1/3 of keynote presenters will be non-male
Content Sessions:
  • At least 50% of speakers will be female
  • At least 20% will be non-white, not including the diversity panel

Anti-Harassment Policy

In 2017, XY Planning Network introduced our anti-harassment Code of Conduct. It’s a zero-tolerance policy that safeguards against sexual harassment at our conference, strictly prohibiting harassment of any kind. To further cultivate a culture of accountability, our conference app includes a function for reporting inappropriate conduct.

Since its introduction, our conference Code of Conduct has gained national praise, drawing the attention of publications such as WealthManagement.com and ThinkAdvisor for its firm stance against sexual harassment and its strong spirit of inclusivity. 

The Policy

We do not tolerate institutional or interpersonal discrimination or harassment in any form—including but not limited to micro-aggressions, racism, xenophobia, sexism, ableism, classism, ageism, weight discrimination, mental health status discrimination, transphobia, and/or homophobia.

Who the Policy Applies to

The Code of Conduct is strictly enforced, applies to all exhibitors, speakers, vendors, sponsors, and attendees, and is without exception. Choosing to join the Network or attend XYPN LIVE evidences your cooperation and agreement with the policy to help ensure a safe and inclusive environment for everybody.

The Purpose

Our anti-harassment Code of Conduct formalized our ever-present commitment to inclusion. This means that XYPN LIVE is a place where individuals can show up as their true authentic selves without the threat of discrimination, sexual harassment, or hostile environments. If an incident occurs, there are procedures in place that will help ensure that individuals who are creating harm or harassment are disciplined or removed.


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