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Exhibit Hall Day

Meet the best-in-class tech tools making it all possible

Wednesday, October 16, 2024

Our goal: To connect you with the latest solutions and services to help you maximize your tech stack, leverage the latest new tech, and discover new ways to outsource. See all of this first-hand at our one-of-a-kind Exhibitor Day. Talk about a win-win.

XYPN LIVE 2023 Exhibitor representative from Capitect talking with an advisor attendee.
See what's possible at XYPN LIVE

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Maximizing the investments you make in your firm is what we're all about. Take the opportunity to connect with industry innovators on one of the most unique days of XYPN LIVE: Exhibit Hall Day. 


XYPN Partners

We’ve vetted partners for service quality and evaluated their offerings to find best-in-class solutions specific to the needs of our members.

Tech Showcase

Want the 4-1-1 on tech integration? Power users in the Network team up with a select group of tech solutions to demo exactly how tech works best in their practices day-to-day.

AdvisorTech Expo

Next-generation clients expect next-generation solutions. The AdvisorTech Expo makes finding the latest FinTech a breeze.


We're not interested in wasting your time—that's why we're intentional (read: picky) about the exhibitors we accept, inviting only those who are most relevant to your practice.

XYPN LIVE Exhibitors & Sponsors

Are you an exhibitor interested in making this list? Check out our 2024 Exhibitor and Sponsor Kit.

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