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Should I speak? 

Short Answer? Yes! 

We’re looking for sessions that help XYPN LIVE attendees pursue independence and freedom, to build their success their way. Real people offering real advice, to get advisors from where they are to where they want to be—that's our goal.


The Apply to Speak application is now closed. All speaker decisions will be communicated by the end of May. The full schedule is set to release by June 2024.

Natalie Taylor on stage during her XYPN LIVE 2023 content session.
You've got options!

Conference Session Types

Find your fit with the four-session types at XYPN LIVE. No matter what session type calls your name, your session will address the unique needs of XYPN members as entrepreneurs and fee-for-service, fiduciary, financial planners. 

XYPN LIVE 2023 speaker Andy Panko in his content session

Content Sessions

Teach Something

Think of content sessions as a traditional conference talk. You take the stage for a presentation on a financial planning or practice management topic. You'll be asked to select an umbrella topic that's of interest to XYPN members, from a list in the application.

XYPN LIVE 2023 Panel speakers


Q&A Style

Are you interested in a topic, but don't want to speak on it alone? Recruit 2-3 other panelists to present without taking center stage. You'll share your experiences, answer questions, and help like-minded attendees connect. Submit your panel below.

XYPN LIVE 2023 roundtable in action


Lead Group Discussions

Want to lead a group conversation on a topic that matters? Propose it as a roundtable! Lead the conversation, share your ideas and experiences, ask questions of advisors in a similar spot, and talk about the best practices that will move your firm forward. 

XYPN LIVE 2023 attendees facing each other while speaking


Nominate an Expert

We want to hear from you! Know someone who'd be a great fit? Nominate them to speak. The XYPN team will use the nominations to help build out the XYPN LIVE schedule. Drop the speaker's name and their backgroundwe'll take it from there.

What you can expect as a speaker

  • As an XYPN LIVE speaker, you'll receive a complimentary conference pass (if you already purchased your pass, you'll be reimbursed!).

  • You'll work closely with the XYPN team to design a high-quality session and receive templates, training, and individualized support for your session. 

  • You'll make a huge impact! Your expertise and insight will be part of a conference buzzing with energy and excitement, and you'll walk away with new connections and enthusiastic fans.

XYPN Executive Business Coach speaking on the main stage at XYPN LIVE 2023

Personal promotion and sales pitches are welcome in the exhibit hall, but not on the stage—selling from the stage during sessions or community events is prohibited.

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