Apply to Speak

Been polishing that soapbox? We're all ears.


Should I Speak?

Short answer? Yes! We’re looking for presentations that help #XYPNLIVE attendees re:define financial planning and re:imagine what it means to build a thriving financial planning business.

For the first time ever, #XYPNLIVE speakers will be invited to an exclusive VIP event with none other than Michael Kitces himself, plus a super secret mystery guest (hint: it’s not Alan Moore). This is an insta-worthy opportunity to connect with two of the biggest and brightest minds—and names—in the business.

Submit your speaker application by April 4 to get VIP access.


Monday April 4, 2022 at 11:59 PM MT.

Decisions will be communicated in June.

What kind of conference session can you submit?

You've got options!



Focus On Content

Share your expertise on a practice management or financial planning topic in a one hour presentation. Check out the topics in the Content Sessions section.


Create Community

Lead or propose a conversation on a topic you care about with your peers. Lead a roundtable, panel, or peer networking event.

What's in the Application?

A quality application is your key to getting selected.



Basic demographic info for all speakers or panelists:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Designations
  • Virtual/in-person


Is it a content session or a community session? For content sessions, is your topic related to financial planning or practice management? For community sessions, is it a roundtable, panel, or networking event?


Basic session info:

  • Proposed Title
  • Description
  • 3 learning objectives
  • 1 action attendees will walk away and do
  • Target audience or content complexity

Speaker Qualifications

Authentic speakers are the heart of #XYPNLIVE. Share what makes you well-suited to speak on or lead a conversation on this topic.

Optional: Have materials to support this? We’d love to review.


Community Sessions

Community sessions provide a new opportunity for you to start conversations you care about. You'll
outline a few questions, share a resource or two, and facilitate a conversation about the topic.



Want to lead a conversation on a topic? Propose it as a roundtable!

You'll submit the topic, and why you think the conversation matters.


Are you interested in a topic, but don't want to speak on it alone? Recruit 2-3 other panelists to share the stage.

You'll submit the topic and fellow panelists.


Host an informal networking session to connect with others.

You'll submit the networking topic or group you're interested in bringing together.


Content Sessions

Think of content sessions as a traditional conference talk. You take the stage for a presentation on a financial planning or practice management topic. You'll be asked to select an umbrella topic that's of interest to XYPN members, from the list below, that best matches your proposed topic.

REAL Financial Planning

  • Planning and Process Essentials
  • Client Service and Communication
  • Behavioral Finance and Financial Psychology
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Investments
  • Taxes
  • Retirement
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Estate Planning

Practice Management

  • Operations, Process, and Automation
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Marketing and Lead Generation
  • Human Resources and People Management
  • Compliance and Regulation
  • Technology and Cybersecurity
  • Goals, Strategy, and Growth
  • Time Management, Balance, and Well-being
  • Merging and Partnering
  • Niche Development
  • Succession, Continuity, and Exit Planning

What can you expect?

As an #XYPNLIVE speaker, you'll receive a complimentary conference pass, and if you already purchased your pass, you will be reimbursed.

Your session will be recorded and made available through the #XYPNLIVE event platform, and by speaking at #XYPNLIVE, you give XYPN rights to its usage.

You'll work closely with the XYPN Advisor Education team to design a high-quality presentation or community event and you'll receive templates, training, and individualized support for your session. Your session will address the unique needs of XYPN members as entrepreneurs and fee-for-service, fiduciary, financial planners. Personal promotion and sales pitches are welcome in the exhibit hall, but not on the stage. Selling from the stage during sessions or community events is prohibited.

You'll create your presentation on the timeline outlined below, and communicate about any changes, updates, or unique needs as soon as they arise.

Lastly, you'll make a huge impact! Your expertise and insight will be part of a conference buzzing with energy and excitement, and you'll walk away with new connections and enthusiastic fans.



Speaker Deadlines

After you're selected, what are the dates and deadlines? Here's what to expect.

Early May


You'll be notified in early May. Once selected, speakers receive access to professional development materials, including an online course and templates

July 1

Outline Due

You'll complete the online course and submit a written outline by July 1. This will include final title and description and an outline of your session content.

August 1

Slide Deck Due*

Using the template provided by XYPN, you'll complete your slide deck. In late August and early September, you'll be able to meet with the XYPN team for feedback.

*Content Sessions Only

September 19

Session Recording Due*

What a world we live in! Just in case something goes wrong, COVID-19 related or otherwise, you'll rehearse your full session and submit a recording to the XYPN team.

*Content Sessions Only

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply?
You can apply to speak here.
Know someone who would make a great speaker? Nominate them here.
When are applications to speak due?

Applications to speak are due Monday, April 4 at 11:59 PM MT. Speakers will be notified of decisions in early May.

How are speakers selected?

Our team of expert coaches and a committee of XYPN members will review each submission, and will select proposals based on the relevance to XYPN members, the quality of the proposed content, the qualifications of the speaker, and the caliber of the proposal itself.

What makes a quality content session?

Attendees love content sessions that:

  • Move beyond a basic introduction to a topic.
  • Outline specific action items and key takeaways.
  • Provide case studies, concrete examples, and demonstrations.
  • Share best practices and lessons learned from lived entrepreneurial experience.
  • Qualify for CFP® Continuing Education. Invite audience participation in polls or discussions.
  • Include a minimum of 10 minutes of Q&A.
What type of support will I receive?

For content sessions, you’ll receive a slide template, an online training to build presentation skills, and access to individualized support. 

For community sessions, you’ll receive a template for your session outline (roundtable, panel, networking event), an online training to build facilitation skills, and access to individualized support.

Do I get anything for presenting?

Our sincere gratitude, some serious hype, amplified networking opportunities, and a complimentary pass to #XYPNLIVE!

What makes a quality community session?

Attendees love community sessions that:

  • Connect them with peers encountering similar challenges or serving similar clients. 
  • Provide specific best practices, resources, or key takeaways.
  • Focus on case studies, problems, or concrete examples.
  • Encourage attendees to share best practices and lessons learned from lived entrepreneurial experience.
I’m not sure what type of session to submit. Who can help?
Can’t figure out what type of session to submit? Connect with Kori Lennon, XYPN Director of Advisor Education, at