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#XYPNLIVE is where the Network comes together, and this year we're offering an expanded slate of opportunities to re:connect with advisors like you! Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey—at XYPN, you're independent, but never alone on your path. With roundtables, panels, and mixers at #XYPNLIVE, you can re:connect with your community. Get ready to feel freshly inspired, re:energized for your next challenge, and ready to re:imagine your firm.

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First time attending #XYPNLIVE? Or maybe your first time in a while?


Before you head to Denver, connect with other attendees at an #XYPNLIVE Link-Up. Find familiar faces in any room and get the most out of your experience before you even step foot in Denver. Get the inside scoop on how to make the most of the conference line-up, where to go for what while you're in Denver, and avoid any dreaded awkward silences during networking events.


You'll walk away with a content compass for navigating the conference, connections ready to jump right in with you, and answers to all your lingering conference questions.


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Want to have a conversation that matters? Attend a roundtable session, and connect with a smaller group of other advisors to discuss topics that will help you re:imagine your firm and re:invent the industry. This is your chance to share your ideas and experiences, ask questions of advisors in a similar spot, and talk about the best practices that will move your firm forward.




For a unique networking experience, attend a community panel on exhibit hall day. Thanks to requests from attendees like you, two panels this year will feature a combination of member experts sharing their experience and networking time to help you connect with like-minded attendees. Let's try this out!




Looking for opportunities to network with advisors like you? Networking mixers are a must-attend to form connections through casual conversations. Whether you're looking for advisors who share your values, have similar identities, or are at a similar place in their entrepreneurial journey, there's a networking mixer for you.


Filter Sessions

Saturday, October 8


5:30–6:00 PM MT


First Timer Reception


There’s endless networking potential to be tapped at #XYPNLIVE and we want you to be able to dive right in. We’ve organized a First-Timer Reception to get you comfortable, up to speed, and connected to other first-timers so you immediately have a group of your own.


Sunday, October 9


8:00–8:30 AM MT


Networking Breakfast


Get outside and go on a chatty walk with XYPN Coaches! This outdoor networking event gives you in-person access to XYPN's expert coaches. Take a break from being inside, bring your coffee (or preferred drink), and ask questions! We'll take a casual stroll around the nearby grounds, and chat with the group about any and all questions you have about running a firm. The chosen route is accessible for all abilities, so please join us for this fun time to connect!







12:30–1:30 PM MT


Accountability & Mastermind Group Lunch


Grab your study group, local meet-up friends, or new conference buddies and head out to lunch.


Monday, October 10


8:00–8:30 AM MT


Networking Breakfast


Grab your breakfast and join the conversation! 

Financial planning is just a Boys Club, right? WRONG! Join other women-identifying and non-binary professionals for great conversation around how to make this YOUR club too. Find out what's working for others as they tackle the challenges of financial planning and craft effective, personal connections with like-minded planners.


11:00–11:45 AM MT


Walk & Talk

Presented by Kathleen Boyd, CFP® and Arlene Moss

Kathleen Boyd ArleneMoss

Get outside and go on a chatty walk with XYPN Coaches! This outdoor networking event gives you in-person access to XYPN's expert coaches. Take a break from being inside, bring your coffee (or preferred drink), and ask questions! We'll take a casual stroll around the nearby grounds, and chat with the group about any and all questions you have about running a firm. The chosen route is accessible for all abilities, so please join us for this fun time to connect!

Kathleen Boyd, CFP®

Kathleen Boyd, CFP®, is XYPN’s resident Financial Planning & Process Coach. She holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation and possesses over 10 years of experience working for a variety of financial services firms. Kathleen is an Investment News’ “40 Under 40’ recipient,” and FA Magazine named her a "Top 10 Advisor to Watch." Outside of XYPN, Kathleen has written financial planning pieces for the Journal of Financial Planning and Michael Kitces’ Nerds Eye View blog and currently works as an adjunct professor teaching CFP® coursework at Oklahoma State University.


Arlene Moss

Arlene Moss has been coaching and nudging fee-only planners since 2004. Arlene helps financial advisors get over being overwhelmed and take on their frustrations, so their businesses soar. Arlene works to ensure financial planners are able to help their clients prosper while creating a sustainable business model. Specializing in fee-for-service planners in the independent RIA space allows her to focus her development and coaching on specific issues. Through XYPN group training, public speaking, and XYPN Academy content, planners get the support they need to grow their businesses and overcome the challenges that come their way.



12:00–1:00 PM MT


Firm Phase Mixers


Feeling like you're the only one on the firm ownership rollercoaster? Connect with other financial professionals who are right where you are in the unique and challenging lifecycle of starting and running your own firm. Share your expertise and gather a bit more from others while gaining valuable insight into the latest trends, resources, and ideas.


1:00–2:00 PM MT


How to Juggle Parenthood and a Business Without Losing Your Mind

Presented by Katie Brewer, Pam Horack, and Ben Wacek

Katie Brewer Pam Horack Ben Wacek

Juggling the challenges of parenting while trying to grow a business can feel like a circus act. In the first half of this community panel, you'll hear from three planners that have had their businesses open for 7-10 years about how they've managed to stay sane while tending to their growing businesses and growing families. Then, we'll open the floor for questions and transition into networking time, so that you can connect with other parents and caregivers in the Network.

Katie Brewer

Katie Brewer, CFP® is the owner of Your Richest Life, a fee-only fiduciary financial planning company helping Gen X physicians, business owners, and other high-income earners take charge of their financial lives. Katie has accumulated over 15 years of experience working with clients and their money. She is no stranger to hard work as she pursued both her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Certification and her MBA while working full time.

Katie has been recognized by Investment News as a “40 Under 40” in 2017 and by D Magazine as one of the Best Financial Planners in Dallas list for 2015 to present. She is also a Founding Member of the XY Planning Network.


Pam Horack

Known as Your Financial Mom, Pam Horack, CFP® has been a fixture at XYPN since its inception. Along with being a Founding Member, she has attended all of the conferences (even online!) and has been a speaker for most of them. While she was a corporate trainer in her former life, she has also presented for schools, churches, women's groups, and college programs. Her passion is sharing the concept of Your Financial Tower, and she often helps other advisors in addition to serving her clients at Pathfinder Planning LLC over the past twelve years.


Ben Wacek

Ben started Guide Financial Planning in 2014 when he had a 6-month-old daughter and no team members. Today he and his wife have four children and Guide FP is a team of four. Ben and his family live in St. Paul, MN, where they are actively involved in their local church.


Growing Your Team to Fit Your Business

Presented by Rebecca Connor

Rebecca Conner

Are you looking to connect with other founders that manage teams and have a growing client base? Looking for ways to learn from they way other advisors structure their firms and build a team? Join this roundtable to discuss best practices for adding on people, from the interview process, structuring compensation and creating a pathway to ownership, onboarding and virtual community building, and rethinking fees in the context of delivering value and supporting your team. Let's learn how to do better together! This conversation is designed for Scaling advisors (75+ clients) who have a team, and can discuss the challenges and best practices they've experienced in their journey.

Rebecca Connor

Rebecca Conner is a CPA, CFP®, RLP®, and Founder of SeedSafe Financial LLC. Her goal is to take the complexities out of stock compensation and help tech professionals streamline and clarify finances. SeedSafe was founded in 2016 and maintains a 4 person team helping 100+ families a year.


Launching a Niched Firm as a Career Changer

Presented by David Frank


Have you made the big jump into financial planning from another industry? In this roundtable, you'll discuss the upsides, limitations, and lessons learned from serving a professional niche as a career changer. Talk through the ways you can leverage client work to create marketing collateral, how to stop stressing and pick a niche, and gains some key pointers to make it a success.

David Frank

David Frank is a financial planner for therapists. Through the firm he founded, Turning Point Financial Life Planning, he helps therapists navigate every element of their financial lives: from understanding your practice P&L and building a personal budget to managing student loan debt and investing for retirement... and everything in between. But don't let his love of the tax code and spreadsheets scare you off! You're just as likely to find him with his nose buried in one of Pema Chodron's books reading up on the latest financial planning techniques.


Opening the Door: Creating Career Opportunities for New Planners

Presented by Daniel Yerger

Daniel Yerger

During this roundtable, we'll discuss facilitating safe starting points for financial planning careers within our practices. If you want to help people enter the financial planning profession by offering internships, paraplanner positions, and entry-level associate planner positions, this is the discussion for you!

Daniel Yerger

Daniel M. Yerger, MBA, CFP®, ChFC, AIF, CDFA, is the owner of MY Wealth Planners, a fee-only RIA in Longmont, CO. Daniel is also a doctoral student at Kansas State University, where he studies financial planning compensation.


Planning with Purpose

Presented by Bob DePasquale


Join this roundtable to discuss how to help clients connect with the deeper meaning and purpose in planning. Why is it important for clients to have a purpose behind their planning? How do you help them identify what is most important and connect it to finances, and how do you partner with people to accomplish more than just traditional financial goals?

Bob DePasquale

Bob DePasquale is the radical generosity guy. He has always believed in taking care of the things with which he's been blessed. It is his mission to help others in doing the same. Bob's perspective derives from a battle with cancer at age 18. After growing up an only child it wasn't until he was legally an adult that he felt alone. Having his life threatened at such a young age led to a unique view of the gift that is vitality. Bob now serves as the Founder of Initiate Impact Virtual Family offices - a wealth management firm dedicated to radical generosity. He also hosts the Speaking of Impact and Modern Legacies podcasts.



2:00–3:00 PM MT


Serving Military Clients: What You Need to Know

Presented by Brian O'Neill, Mike Hunsberger, and Andie Clark

BrianONeill Mike Hunsberger AndieClark

In this community panel discussion, you'll be able to connect with and learn from one of XYPN's biggest niche groups: members that serve the military niche. Panel members will cover the most crucial planning factors and opportunities for this population, and in the second half of the session, you'll be able to ask your own questions and network with panel members and attendees.

Brian O'Neill

XYPN Member Brian O'Neill will lead the panel discussion. Brian is a 23-year Air Force veteran and founder of Winged Wealth Management and Financial Planning with a niche focus on Fighter Pilots.


Mike Hunsberger

Mike Hunsberger is the owner of Next Mission Financial Planning based in Saint Charles, Missouri. He launched his firm in November 2021 after a 25-year career in the United States Air Force. He works primarily with military and veterans with an emphasis on college funding and GI Bill planning for clients with high school students. He is also a member of the Military Financial Advisor Association.


Andie Clark

Besides being the owner of The Table Financial Planning, Andie is a wife, mom, grandma, small, accidental landlord, runner, homeschooler, and family CEO through a dozen military moves from California to Vermont, Kansas to North Dakota. Coffee is her BFF.

Work With Clients Who Live, Earn Income, or Own Assets Overseas

Presented by Hui-Chin Chen and Sefa Mawuli

Hui-chin Chen Sefa Mawuli

In this roundtable, you'll have the opportunity to connect with one of XYPN's niche communities: cross-border planners. Discuss best practices for working with clients who live, earn income, or own assets overseas with fellow cross-border planners, and walk away with basics for developing your own action plans when existing clients move or develop financial ties overseas. This conversation is designed for Scaling advisors (75+ clients) who have a team, and can discuss the challenges and best practices they've experienced in their journey.

Hui-Chin Chen

Hui-chin Chen, CFP® is the Founder of The CIGA Network, a global community to promote collaboration among advisers working with cross-border clients. She is also the Principal of Pavlov Financial Planning, where she primarily serves globally mobile professionals and multi-national families. As an immigrant and expat, Hui-chin is passionate about making cross-border financial planning accessible and more comprehensive through bringing advisers with different expertise together.


Sefa Mawuli

Sefa Mawuli is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who helps people with global ties and professionals with equity compensation to organize their finances to meet their life goals. Her passion for cross-border financial planning grew from her own experience of not finding adequate financial advice as a busy corporate professional and new US immigrant navigating the US financial system, and as a life-long world traveler with family and roots in various countries. She transitioned to the financial planning industry after a career in business strategy and market intelligence at Fortune 500 US financial services corporations, and later as principal of her own management consulting firm.


Improving While Sustaining

Presented by Rob Oliver

Rob Oliver

Have you built a successful firm and wondered, what's next? If you aren't looking to continue growing your firm, keeping things feeling fresh and engaging can pose a unique challenge. Join this roundtable to explore ways to continuously improve your business even if you are not trying to grow it. We'll explore ways to add value, improve efficiency and profitability, and fight complacency. This conversation is intended for Building (50+ clients) and Scaling (75+ clients) advisors interested in sustaining their lifestyle practice.

Rob Oliver

Rob Oliver is the owner of Oliver Financial Planning in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and a Chartered Financial Analyst® charterholder. Rob earned a BA from the University of Michigan and an MBA from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.


Challenges of Race in our Profession

Presented by Christopher Dale

Chris Dale

With more than 80% of CFP®s identifying as White, its easy to avoid conversations about race in the industry, but in this roundtable, you'll dive headfirst into the critical state of race relations in America as it pertains to the financial planning profession. Explore concrete strategies to gain cultural awareness and education and ideate ways to change behaviors and make change in the industry.

Christopher Dale

Christopher's firm specializes in helping those in grief navigate financial matters. Between 2008 to 2012 Christopher lost his mother, father, paternal grandmother, and oldest son. Based on those tragic events, he changed the trajectory of his career to solely help individuals in grief. Christopher honed his education by becoming a Certified Financial Transitionist® in order to help clients navigate through major life events and financial transitions that accompany them. In the course of navigating death, grief, a career, and the rise of his firm, Christopher has successfully navigated the many challenges of race in our profession. Navigating the challenges of race in itself can be a full-time job. Christopher's journey parallels that of an individual working two full-time careers.


Mixing Politics and Financial Planning: Bringing Your Progressive Values to Work

Presented by Danika Waddell, Ethan Miller , and Lindsey Swanson

Danika Waddell Ethan Miller Lindsey Swanson

Starting a business and working in finance are not typically associated with progressives, leftists, or anti-capitalists. But more and more of us are entering financial planning, bringing our perspectives and values into our firms as we serve diverse client bases, many of whom are not typically the target market for other advisors. Join us to meet other like-minded planners and talk about how you can lead with your values while building innovative service models and expanding what is possible in financial planning.

Danika Waddell

Danika entered the financial services industry in 2014 after 15+ years of working in corporate accounting. She worked at 3 RIAs in Seattle before launching Xena Financial Planning in 2020. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Oberlin College and is currently working towards a Master's Degree in Advanced Financial Planning through Golden Gate University.

Danika holds the Registered Life Planner and the Certified Student Loan Professional designations. In her spare time, Danika loves to travel, spends as much time as possible in the mountains, and does her best to keep up with her 2 teen daughters, a frisky dog (named Xena), and a couple of cats.


Ethan Miller


Lindsey Swanson

Lindsey Swanson CFP® is the founder of Stripper Financial Planning (an advice-only RIA in California) and Scoops of Vanilla (financial literacy coaching for sex workers). She works from home, so she doesn't have to wear shoes and spends her time swearing and causing a ruckus.


Tuesday, October 11


8:00–8:30 AM MT


Networking Breakfast


Grab your breakfast and join the conversation! 

The LGBTQ+ planning community has a diverse constellation of identities and client needs. Join this breakfast to connect with LGTBQ+ advisors and allies who serve the community, find solidarity in uncertain times, and share secrets for success for both yourself and your clients.


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