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Life Planning, Mindfulness, and A Golden Civilization

presented by George Kinder

Through a mix of lecture and experiential exercises, George Kinder will describe how Life Planning delivers an exhilarating and meaningful experience for the client. He’ll discuss Life Planning’s five-phase EVOKE® process that utilizes deep listening and communication skills to uncover clients’ dreams of freedom and then delivers them. He will close on themes of his latest book, A Golden Civilization and the Map of Mindfulness, including new approaches to economics and democracy and the role financial planners will play.

George Kinder

Internationally recognized as the father of the Life Planning movement, George Kinder revolutionized financial advice for over 30 years by training over 3,000 professionals in 30 countries in the field of Financial Life Planning.

He founded the Kinder Institute of Life Planning in 2003 after 30 years as a practicing financial planner and tax advisor. He has written six books, including three books on money, The Seven Stages of Money Maturity, Lighting the Torch, and Life Planning for You, which are considered by many to be the seminal works in the burgeoning field of Financial Life Planning.

In his new book, A Golden Civilization and a Map of Mindfulness, Kinder draws on 50 years as a mindfulness practitioner, 30 years as a mindfulness teacher, and his experience training financial advisors globally to challenge the basic concepts of economics, our understanding of democracy, of space-time, and our own hearts. His objective is to bring greater levels of freedom everywhere.


What can #XYPNLIVE attendees expect?

Attendees will gain an inspired view of what Life Planning is, and a better understanding of how inner listening and mindfulness skills develop relationships of trust in initial client meetings. Walk away with the precise techniques to pinpoint clients most cherished goals and how to help clients move from trust to inspired action on their financial plan. Learn how to lead clients to create a visioning strategy that goes beyond the self or even the larger community, but considers the entirety of civilization and empowers leaders to develop the world they want to live in right now.

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