Keynote Speakers

At The Capacity Crossroads: 3 Visions For Scaling Your Advisory Firm

with Michael Kitces

Michael Kitces is a co-founder of the XY Planning Network, AdvicePay, New Planner Recruiting, fpPathfinder, and XY Bean Counters, the former Practitioner Editor of the Journal of Financial Planning, the host of the Financial Advisor Success podcast, and the publisher of the popular financial planning industry blog Nerd’s Eye View through his website, dedicated to advancing knowledge in financial planning. In 2010, Michael was recognized with one of the FPA’s “Heart of Financial Planning” awards for his dedication and work in advancing the profession.

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Stop & Shift

with Karen Allen

Karen Allen is a Mindset Expert and TEDx Speaker who is passionate about teaching individuals the tools and resources to feel better, live better, and achieve their goals with a healthy mindset. Karen is the creator of the mental exercise: Stop & Shift. She developed this method to help people jumpstart their mental strength training. It is a simple, yet powerful, technique that explains how to let go of negative thought cycles and move to more productive and positive thinking.


Take a break from working IN your business
to work ON your business.