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Coaches Corner with Scott Gill

Free Private Coaching is Back

Come to #XYPNLIVE ready to ask any questions that have been keeping you up at night, and leave armed with real solutions for your business. Receive individualized help in a one-on-one or small group session of your choice.  Thirty-minute sessions will cover common pain points such as compliance, bookkeeping, marketing, and more.  You will leave with actionable takeaways to improve your firm. 

Coaches will be announced through June. Check back often to see whose corner has been added! 

How to Register

Coaching sessions are available on a first come, first served-basis. Confirmed attendees may register for one session of their choice, subject to availability.  

Attendees will receive an invitation via email based on when they purchased a conference pass

  • Zone 1: First chance to book coaching for those who purchased a pass on or before 10/15/19
  • Zone 2: Second opportunity to book coaching for those who purchased a pass between 10/16/19 - 3/1/20
  • Zone 3: Third opportunity to book coaching for those who purchased a pass between 3/2/20 - 7/1/20
  • Zone 4: Last opportunity to book coaching for those who purchased a pass after 7/2/20

Coaching sessions book quickly.
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Coaches Corner - Katie and Eric

Marketing & Sales Coaches

Jen Mastrud

Content Marketing Assessment

Are you creating great content, but not gaining clients? Stop banging your head against the wall and get some expert advice. XYPN Senior Director of Marketing Jen Mastrud will talk personas, marketing funnels, SEO and more while assessing your inbound strategy. Jen will look for opportunities to iterate on your current efforts and, if necessary, give you the hard, cold truth if there's something off-putting in your approach. Jen will bring a package of take-home resources & 21 years of marketing experience to your session.

Kelly Moorman

You're Blogging, But Is Your Blog Bringing in Clients?

If you blog regularly, you know it takes a lot of time and a lot of hard work. What you might not know is that your blog should be working just as hard for you as you are for it. Sit down with XYPN Senior Communications Specialist/Editor-in-Chief Kelly Moorman to check the health of your blog, learn how to maximize your blogging efforts, identify opportunities for conversion, and learn a new trick or two.

Katie DeMars

Website Review

Your website is crucial to marketing your firm and attracting your ideal clientele. XYPN's highly experienced webmaster, Katie DeMars, will review your website with fresh eyes and evaluate it for best practices and ADA standards. You're sure to leave Coaches' Corner with a handful of recommendations that may make a world of difference.

BB Webb

Honing Your Sales Process

Connecting with your prospect is key as you work to both share your value and learn about what is important to them. Whether at a first meeting or follow up session, work with XYPN Sales Coach BB Webb on how to build rapport, create conversational flow and match the behavioral style of your prospect. She’ll guide you on how to map out a plan and intent for each interaction you have as you work to convert your prospect to soon a ‘raving fan’ client!

Carolyn Dalle-Molle

Put Your Marketing Idea to the Test

Do you have a new idea for your marketing, but are unsure if it will work? Put your idea to the test. Meet with Carolyn Dalle-Molle, XYPN's Marketing Coach, to learn how to turn your exact marketing idea into an actionable, informative experiment. Carolyn will take away the risk of total failure and equip you with everything you need to make sure each new idea helps move your marketing forward.

Compliance & Operations Coaches

Kingston Hollman

Preparing for a Regulatory Audit

Compliance is part of your firm's culture and not a "check the box" activity. Join XYPN Compliance Consultant Kingston Hollman to discuss the ideal culture, common deficiencies, your responsibility as a fiduciary, and how to prepare and respond to regulators before, during, and after an audit.
Shelby Brown

Reviewing Your Compliance Program

Reviewing your compliance program on a regular basis is an essential component to maintaining your firm’s compliance and ensuring your policies and procedures evolve with your firm. XYPN Compliance Consultant Shelby Brown will be available to discuss and review the different elements of your Compliance Program including The Compliance Manual, Succession Planning, Advertising & Social Media Marketing, and More!

Kendra Rehm-Dehn

Preparing to Register Your Firm

The process of getting your firm registered is a big step toward launching your business and our compliance team at XYPN are experts in helping advisors to prepare for and navigate the state initial registration process. Developing your services and how you will be compensated carries with it many compliance considerations that vary widely across all 50 states. Our compliance experts can help you better understand these considerations and how they impact your desired service and fee arrangements. XYPN Compliance Specialist Kendra Rehm-Dehn will work with you to understand the initial registration process and will provide you with guidance to assist you in preparing to get your firm registered in the state where your principal place of business will be located.
Hayley Stewart

State Financial Reporting Requirements

Each state has different financial reporting requirements. Are you recording income and expenses correctly within your accounting sofotware to be able to provide accurate reports to the state regulators?  Connect with FABC Senior Accountant Hayley Stewart to discuss your states reporting requirements and if you are handling bookkeeping appropriately.
Dan Keslin

Accrual Based Accounting

What is accrual accounting? Does your state's regulatory body require you to accrue income out to different periods? Sign up with FABC Manager Dan Keslin to learn the ins and outs of accrual-based accounting. We can discuss what accrual accounting is, how to do the math, how to make everything work in Quickbooks, and how to check your work to make sure income is reported correctly.
Rhonda Moore

QuickBooks Online Bookkeeping

A QuickBooks Online Certified Pro Advisor, Rhonda Moore says, “I love QuickBooks Online but, like my husband, it does have its quirks.” She is prepared to walk you through the quirks, help you with your QuickBooks Online set up, or simply answer questions if you’re still in the planning phase. She can review your chart of accounts, as well as your process for accepting payments, categorizing downloaded transactions, or correcting a posting error. To make the best use of your time, submit your questions when you reserve your time slot so Rhonda can be sure to come prepared.

Financial Planning Coach

Emily Purdon

Implementing the Monthly Retainer Model

Have you thought about implementing the monthly retainer model, but are unsure of what services you should provide and how often, how much to charge, and what clients this model is right for? Whether you are looking to implement the monthly retainer model or would like to review your current fee structure, XYPN’s Financial Planning and Process Coach, Emily Purdon, will provide you best practices for implementing this model in a profitable manner.

Practice Management Coach

Arlene Moss

Launch (or Improve) Your Internship or Residency Program

Are you thinking internships and residency programs are only for the big dogs? Not true! A solo shop or small RIA can launch an internship program. Struggling because you are 100% virtual to see how to put a program in place? We can discuss that too! Connect with XYPN Executive Business Coach Arlene Moss to dig into your specific dreams for your program and the impact you want to have on the industry.

Hear from past coaching attendees
Paul Sydlansky

Paul Sydlansky

Founder - Citrine Capital

"My 30 minutes with Jen in Marketing was the most valuable experience at the conference!"

Andre LaPlante

Andre LaPlante

Co-founder - Capital Design Private Wealth

"The most I got out of it [#XYPNLIVE] was my one-on-one coaching with Kingston for compliance. That was worth it for the whole stinking thing."

Christine Centeno

Christine Centeno, CFP®

Founder - Simplicity Wealth Management

"Great input from Carolyn during my coaching session. Things I can do to further hone in on my niche."

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson, CFP®

Founder - MILE Wealth Management

"My coaching session with Katie was helpful. We discussed several items to consider for my website. I left with three different software solutions to explore."

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