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September 18, 2023


Do you love the firm you are building? When was the last time you took a moment to consider what you truly want to create? If you’re not sure, it's time to pause. You may be so busy just trying to succeed that you’re risking the business and life you deserve.

But, what’s the best path forward? How do you course correct (or just decide!) your firm’s trajectory? And what changes do you need to make today to reach your dream firm?

In this pre-conference event, you will take intentional steps forward to build a business you love. Arlene Moss, XYPN’s Executive Business Coach, will explore where your business could go, how to get there, and what to be mindful of as you hit your capacity wall. And yes— analyze the changes you must make to take your firm down the path you choose. 

At this pre-conference we will: 
  • Explore the realities of creating a solo or boutique firm. You’ll hear real member journeys and advice from experts. 
  • Define your own path of intentional growth to the business you love. 
    Access tools, templates, and data to guide your growth.
  • Start to take the necessary steps to create a firm foundation for your dream business.  
  • Workshop solutions to the unique problems you face with advisors and coaches. 
  • Reclaim your power in running your business so it no longer runs you. 
  • Create an action plan for the next year in your firm. 
Plus two bonus items:
  • Leave with a suggested conference agenda and connection opportunities as you attend XYPN LIVE. 
  • Receive follow up accountability sessions with Arlene Moss, XY Planning Network, Executive Business Coach

When you’re a firm owner, it’s easy to get lost working in your business. Building a strong foundation for your firm is often pushed to the bottom of your running to-do list. If you’ve been hitting capacity walls, feeling overwhelmed, or are just unsatisfied and you are ready to learn how to ensure your firm stays on your chosen path, it is time to PAUSE at XYPN LIVE.

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Location: In Person 

Date: September 18, 2023

Time: 9 AM - 5 PM ET



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Arlene Moss
Arlene Moss

Arlene Moss

Arlene Moss has been coaching and nudging fee-only planners since 2004. In her role as Executive Business Coach, at XY Planning Network, Arlene helps financial advisors get over being overwhelmed and take on their frustrations so their businesses soar. Arlene works to ensure financial planners are able to help their clients prosper while creating a sustainable business model. Specializing in fee-for-service planners in the independent RIA space allows her to focus her development and coaching on specific issues. Through XYPN premium coaching and consulting, group training, and XYPN Academy, Arlene provides planners the support they need to grow their businesses and overcome the challenges that come their way. Arlene enjoys speaking to advisors across the country at national conferences as well as industry podcasts. Prior to joining XY Planning Network, Arlene worked with planners through the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP) and Kimberlite Coaching, her private coaching firm. Arlene is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.